Something New!

Something New!

Something new!

Swishing, swaying, bending and leaning!

As the trees have undressed for their new season, I find beauty there.

I have always known that they dance in every season, with so much grace and flair!

As I tried this particular day to ignore their flair. Not wanting to stop and take the time to hear what they wanted to share. I was struck by their willingness to let go of their past. Knowing their dignity would not be lost if they dared. To trust in the living of things unknown.  Still dancing with grace with no fear. Letting down their guard, releasing as they always do.

The seasons change always, yes they always change… as I paused, then leaned into their beauty with wonder, I could hear them whisper and say “it’s really quite easy, they said let go, join us!

I quickly put my phone away after capturing their grace, turned back to my walking, even picked up my pace.

 Now as I look back…I hesitate. It wasn’t just a beautiful moment on a sunny day. It was really a longing of something deep inside, asking me to please listen, listen to the call, my soul wants to participate.

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