What are lees? How many times have you read about something or at least thought that you read or knew about the topic, only to find out something new? ( I don’t think that I’m a wine expert nor do I want to be one).

  My mom always says “ when you stop learning that’s when you should be worried because you should always be learning something new!” As always she’s right. But, there are times when it really puzzles and concerns me, although that shouldn’t be the case. I live in the Land of Wondering and Daydreaming is my favorite pastime. 

But I tell ya, there are those times I truly wonder about where I’ve been or the things I miss.

Here goes a thought. Have you ever wondered about the things that seem to never go away! Certain trials, bad habits, worries. The things you wait for, work to triumph over! Thinking, one day! You pray earnestly over them, that they will go away, read books about them, journal about them, put quotes on your mirror! I could go on! But what if? Yes, what if they are Lees!

Fine lees are smaller particles that settle more slowly in the wine.  They can also be filtered out of the wine, but some winemakers choose to leave them in for differing lengths of time in an effort to enhance the complexity of the wine.

What if the WineMaker, God Almighty has a plan that’s so rich with Purpose that we will never understand or see!?

Things we complain about, blame Him for. Questions and prayers we think are unanswered. What if they are lees.

As the saying goes “you can’t get wine from a grape” and certainly not from a marble.

What are we to do with this information? I don’t have a direct answer. I just have hope and a certain peace. A peace that truly passeth my understanding. Does it make things easier, or better? At times, yes, and other times it’s hard. But knowing this truth today along with remembering this truth as time tries to push it away, gives me strength and hope. Plus, I will and must still pray about the lees.

Is.25:6-9 NKJV

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