Can I take a picture of the sun?

Can I take a picture of the sun?

Can I take a picture of the sun? As I sat and wondered, this morning. Noticing how beautiful it shined in between the rustling branches of the trees. Memories swirled in my head of days I loved as a child, one of them. My mother hanging laundry as I stood by holding clothes pins, drinking in all the smells, staring at the sky. Squinting my eyes to stare at the sun. Noticing how the rays were still there, as I squinted. Sometimes I would get an additional treat of a plane passing by, looking with wonder at the smoke trail as it passed by. None of these memories would have ever filled my head, had it not been for Quarantine that has caused so much dread. 

I used to go outside early morning on a regular, to hear God’s voice, often the season didn’t matter, somehow the busyness and the stress of life, I slowly lost the habit that used to be vital, to my life.

Ahh, this morning, I took the time to settling in. I can be a scary girl cautious of sounds, scared of bugs and critters I thought never dwelled in the city. But as I talked to myself and God to settle in, I noticed things, lost and forgotten that I pray I”ll never loose again.

Reading and holding a newspaper, trying to decide where to begin. Realizing I’m holding the paper, it doesn’t matter how I dig in. Taking in the smell, refamiliarizing myself with the love of feeling paper, stopping, wondering, sipping coffee, Ummm, so much to savor. 

Something I noticed as I was taking in all the mornings’ flavors, was that temptation to rush, feel guilty about this behavior. Feeling such peace should be the norm, but I saw today how much I allowed to go wrong. Will I remember when this time passes by what’s really important as time and the demands of life re-enter, will I have a different stride? I hope, I pray to remember, what I wondered as I tried to take this picture.  A picture!  Trying to take a picture of the sun, helped me remember.

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