Hinds sight is 20/20,Beauty from ashes, Joy in the Morning, a stitch in time saves nine. Cliches… I think not!

As I stitch through the seams of my life, I find more beauty and opportunity to choose joy.  Things are more seamless than they appear. “A stitch in time saves nine”, it’s said to mean that it is better to act or deal with problems immediately because if you wait and deal with them later things will get worse. Another meaning for this proverb is sewing one stitch is easier than sewing nine. 

I’ve also found that the removal of one stitch can save all the others. 

This brings me back to “Hinds Sight and Beauty from ashes” and the choice I make for joy. It’s the removal of that one stitch sometimes that will untwist the memories of the past, clear the vision and lead to the freeing of joy in the soul. 

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