Today I remember​ my Dad

Today I remember​ my Dad

Today I cried. In fact, I cried yesterday and a few days ago. I cried because of loss.

Is it possible to be so numb by loss that it takes a while to really experience the pain?

I didn’t try to look this up, I’m only going by what I feel.

I miss my dad. 

The man who suited me for life..

The man who was always there for me, who sometimes got on my nerves. The man who could sometimes talk too much and fuss. But, again he was always there. He stood by his word, and I always felt safe because of him.

Now that he is no longer here. The things that bothered me about him, have all fallen away, just like his presence. What remains?

God’s purpose for him in my life.

He was one of my biggest cheerleaders. That’s what all his lip was about.

He wanted me, along with my siblings to succeed in this life. And I’m thankful for that.

In the picture he’s wearing the suit, shirt, and pin ornament on his shirt collar, that I made for him.

“Make your daddy look gooood!”

William Brackett Jr. April 8, 1932-February 21,2019

So I will own the memory of his life and Live.

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